Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum Ultimatum: Day 2.1

From: Eugene
Date: Aug 11, 2007 12:26 PM
Subject: Re: Bourne Ultimatum Ultimatum

I figure I'm about due for a progress report on my seeing "The Bourne Ultimatum" today.

SATURDAY 11:45 AM. Still in pajamas. (Dang.) No longer drunk. (Nice.) It's early in the day, yet somehow Chris Crane has already found the time to yell at me on the phone.

OPEN ACTION ITEMS: Take a shower. Eat a burrito or else eggs. Pick up some dry cleaning. Decide which of today's showings best fits my projected readiness time (PRT) and aversion to crowded theaters.

POTENTIAL BLOCKING ITEMS: TiVoed episode of "Mad Men." Deeply ingrained psychological predilection toward stasis.

PROGRESS: Project completion is at, let's say, 86%.

More information may or may not follow.



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